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Forest Fort
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Distance from nashik

132 K.M.
Trekking facts

1) Pachnai: move towards South take left 2) Khireshwargaon : towards Tolarkhind take left reach the fort 3) Kothelegaon : move towards South reach Tolarkhind take right to fort 4) Belpada : move towards North take Nalichi wat to reach the fort.
Time To Climb :
1) Pachnai route : 2 hours 2) Khireshwargaon route : 4 hours 3) Kothelegaon route : 5 hours 4) Belpada route : 5 to 6 hours
Difficulty Level:
Water Availability:
Ample available in caves and tanks
Carry Along:
Rope and expert climber for Belpada route (Nalichi Wat)
Available at Pachnai. It is necessary
How to reach

NASHIK to Harishchandragad
Reach By Car:
Convenient by car. Rent a car facility available at Nashik. Sharing vehicle available from Aale phata.
Reach By Bus:
Buses available from Nashik till Aale phata. Change bus from there to Malshej ghat.
Reach By Train:
Nearest railway station is Nashik Road and Karjat.
By Boat:
No boat route.
Facilities available
Medical aid
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Petrol Pump

Location Details

The history of this fort is linked with that of Malshej Ghat, and it has played a major role in guarding the surrounding region. The fort is quite an ancient piece of architecrure. Remnants of Microlithic man have been discovered here. The various Puranas (ancient scriptures) like Matsyapurana, Agnipurana and Skandapurana include many references about Harishchandragad. Its origin is said to have been in 6th century, during the rule of Kalchuri dynasty. The citadel was built during this era. The various caves probably have been carved out in the 11th century. In these caves are idols of Lord Vishnu. Though the cliffs are named Taramati and Rohidas, they are not related to Ayodhya. Great sage Changdev (one who created the epic "Tatvasaar"), used to meditate here in 14th century. The caves are from the same period. The various constructions on the fort and those existing the surrounding region point to the existence of diverse cultures here. The carvings on the temples of Nageshwar (in Khireshwar village), in the Harishchandreshwar temple and in the cave of Kedareshwar indicate that the fort belongs to the medieval period, since it is related to Shaiva, Shakta or Naath. Later the fort was under the control of Mughals. The Marathas captured it in 1747. Ved Mandir in Tidke colony of Nashik is a unique temple of the Vedas of hindu religion and runs a centre for Veda studies. L. Straight steep edge of Taranadi hill on opposite side R. Old art element found at the entrance of Kirti Mukh on East side.
User Experience

The view of the sheer rock wall of Harishchandragad fort from the Malshej Ghat is awe-inspiring. Standing at an overwhelming height, the edge of the hill plunges straight down into the Konkan kada. In fact, the unique feature of this entire mountain range which includes the mountains of Nakta, Ghodishep, Ajoba and Ratangad, right up to Kulangad, is that the western slopes plunge directly into the Konkan. The edge of Harishchandragad is like a deep pan and because of its distinctive shape and height, Harishchandragad is a popular trekking spot. Harishchandragad Trek is a good destination to couple with camping. Harishchandragad trek is one of the difficult and long treks and is definitely not recommended for summers. Monsoons and winter is the best seasons for this trek. One amazing phenomenon that can be observed at this place is the vertical cloud burst, in which the clouds nearing the cliff get sucked into the pit fall area below and are thrown vertically into the sky reaching more than 50 feet. It creates a magical wall that is rising straight from the edge of the cliff without entering the landmass area. The fog show and hovering couds below the cliff complement the season if one visits. The most interesting point on this fort is the cliff, which has always fascinated many people from many years. The cliff faces West and looks down upon the Konkan. From here, one can have a breathtaking view of the surrounding region and the setting sun.

Do Not Miss

• Hemadpanti Shiv temple. • Taramati sikhar (peak). • Konkan Kada (Konkan cliff). • Kedareshwar Cave woth Shiv linga. • Ganpati idol in caves. • Saptatirtha Pushkarni - a well-built lake with temples of lord Vishnu on its bank. • Malshej ghat view from Taramati sikhar (peak). • Nageshwar temple near Khireshwar. • 30 feet deep natural cave. • Temple of Harishchanreshwar.

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